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Hi Keith,

My name is Andrew. I used to be the wine specialist at the store on 21st and Market but have recently left to work for a few importers and do some other projects. We’ve chatted a few times over the years, so hopefully you remember me (taller guy with the beard). I always liked watching you pick out wine as you always knew what the good deals were.

Anyway, one importer i’m working with right now is Vino Bliss who is based close by in Rittenhouse. They import wine from Europe, but mainly the Loire Valley. One of the partners, Heinz Volquarts, was actually a student at the wine school 5 or 6 years ago! In talking with Heinz, we thought it would be a great time to reach out to you to see if you would be interested in trying some of the Vino Bliss portfolio.

If you would like to check them out, shoot me back an email and I’ll send you the SLO list. These wines would be great for any classes you do on France or the Loire in particular. There’s a wonderful value unoaked Chardonnay and IGP Pinot Noir under $13 that could be good for the Richmond Bottle Shop as well!

Let’s find a time to sit down and try some of the portfolio. Maybe you have some time next week? Hope to hear from you soon.


Andrew Tyson
Vino Bliss
[email protected]

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I was wondering where you had gotten off to. The shop hasn’t been the same without you. I have to laugh, I thought I was incognito when I went into that shop. There were (more than) a few times I went in looking like a vagabond. Wish we had talked while you still worked there.

In any case, I’d love to try their portfolio, especially if a former student of mine is involved. I’ll reach out to you in a few days via email.

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