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Hi Keith!

I’m wondering if there are any off-site storage services for wine in Philadelphia or within a short drive outside of the city. Our apartment is getting to be too small for our modest but growing collection, and I’m wondering if there are any services that you know that you like and trust who provide this service nearby (sort of like Domaine Storage in NYC). Thanks so much!

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There isn’t any wine storage that I would recommend… yet. There was one guy named Zippy, but he freaked out when I recommended him before. That said, there are a few projects in Philly currently underway. If you can hold off for a year, there are going to be at least two wine storage facilities in Philly that will have the Wine School seal of approval.

  • Keith,

    I wanted to check back in on this to see if the Philadelphia storage facilities had progressed as planned. Thanks so much!

  • Bill,

    Nothing yet. Projects are still in development, and the legal issues are still being ironed out. It’s still a few years out.

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