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Hi Keith,
My husband, a craft beer enthusiast, surprised me the other day by saying he would like to learn about wines. We don’t seem to have discriminating tastes, or more precisely don’t know what we should be looking for in wines. With his birthday coming up (March 20) I thought one of your classes would be a perfect gift. The classes, at this point in time are either sold out, or they don’t work on our schedule. So, question one- are there ever any cancellations and therefore classes become open again? If so, is there a wait list?
Question two, what would be an appropriate gift certificate amount to give that would allow both of us to attend the class?
Finally, on your check out process- it mentions coupons- how do I find those? I signed up for your newsletter- will I find them there?
Thanks for any info you have and I am really looking forward to gifting this to my husband !!

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There are waiting lists for classes. If you like to be on them, I can do that for you.

I know that most are sold out. However, that is the Xmass effect. This happens at this time. We tend to sell out until April/May during the holidays. If you can hold out until the 16th, I will be posting June-September classes.

My recommendation is taking any class in our “Intro to Wine” series of classes:

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