Wine degradation


Hi Kieth and Alana

So I’m working on my blind tasting exam homework. (Gotta love it’s called homework)

I got my wine cellar set at 50F and store my whites and reds that I’m blind tasting in.

I was able to blind taste my reds for two days. On the third day everything seemed weak.

The whites I only seem to be getting one day. I was able to get acid body smell taste. But the second day I failed miserably. Three times! The whites just seemed weak all over.

Does this seem right, reds opened lasting two days and whites opened lasting one day. And I’m asking strictly for the blind taste prep. The wines still taste ok to drink.



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Hi Ray,

You should refrigerate both the whites and reds after opening to ensure freshness for about 5 days. Simply put the cork or cap back on, refrigerate, then remove and let breathe for 10-15 minutes at normal room temp when you’re ready to try again.

Best of luck!


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