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I am have been interested in taking some of your classes for some time now. The problem is I own my own business and scheduling a specific day for several weeks is difficult.
Do you offer any one day comprehensive classes that cover a lot of material in one day? Perhaps even a certification class that is only one or two days?
I am very interested if you do.

Thank You

  • George Kyrtatas asked 4 years ago
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Thank you for being interested in our programs. I understand the difficulty of scheduling when self-employed. We do an accelerated program in the summer, which lasts for a week. That’s as short as our programs get.

One of the reasons we run our classes on Sundays and Mondays is this very reason: a lot of our students find themselves in similar situations. Our Foundation program runs from 3:30-5:30pm on Sundays. Hopefully we will see you in class!


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