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Keith said that ‘old world’ whites are aged in new oak barrels, NOT steel. However the wines I buy online specifically state that they are aged in steel, new oak barrels,or old oak. ??? Keith also said that white wines are made with red grapes minus the skin. Yet I discovered white wine is made with green grapes, not red grapes.. I would appreciate clarification.

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i have never received any newsletter at all–whaddup? I paid $600 for the spring courses.

I am enrolled in your Wine Foundation course and am getting inaccurate information from Keith

would really appreciate if you would email me

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I’ll answer your questions, starting with the newsletter and then address your statements about the Foundation Wine Course class you attended last week, the Old Word/New World class.

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Foundation Wine Program

The issue isn’t that I gave you misinformation, but that you misunderstood the class lecture. Your take away was far and away not what was taught in class. I am deeply concerned about your confusion over these subjects. We will have a quiz in class tomorrow to see if others shared in your confusion.

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