What type of food is being served at tonight's Sommelier Smackdown event?


Hi –

Looking forward to tonight’s class. A couple of questions:

1) Do I need to physically print out our tickets or does my email receipt suffice?
2) Can you provide any preview of tonight’s dinner courses? I ask because my fiancee has some food restrictions (i.e. red meat, pork based products) so we wanted to figure out if we should get a snack beforehand…

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You don’t need a print out, we have a roster.

For food restrictions, very good you are asking ahead of time. There is pork/beef products in two of the three dishes being served at the Sommelier Smackdown. Here is the menu:

Mussels With White Wine, Spanish Chorizo (pork), Fennel Pollen, Cherry Tomatoes

Roasted Peppers with Simple Vinaigrette (Sherry Vinegar, Shallots, Olive Oil)

Arrachera (Flank Steak with Olive Oil and Salt)

Since we know ahead of time, we will make sure their is a cheese plate for her instead of the beef.



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