What course to take after Wine 101?

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Good morning. I am scheduled for Wine 101 on Aug 23 registered under my girlfriend, Jane Smedley. I am wondering if after taking 101 if it would be appropruiate to take The Wine Trials and/or Sommelier’s Guide to California? I plan on taking Wine 201 at some point but I’m unavailable on Dec 14.

My wine knowledge is primarily focused on California. I enjoy aging certain bottles and I’m in Grgich’s wine club. I do not work in the bar/wine industry and I don’t have an interest in becoming a Sommelier, I’m just looking to expand my current knowledge but to still keep a focus on new world wines.

If there are any other classes or a specific order they should be taken in, I appreciate your assistance.

Thank you and I look forward to coming to your school on Aug 23.


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Thanks for your great questions, Bill.

We always recommend new students begin with the Wine 101: Intro to Wine Course. This will introduce you to the eight major wine varietals, along with the major regions of the wine world. It also gives you a sense of what our classroom style is like. So, this is the perfect place to start.

Following Wine 101, individual classes can be taken in any order. The higher-priced sessions do not require advanced wine knowledge: they simply zero in on a special wine region, or include food. Given your interest area, you may want to keep an eye out for our Sommeliers Guide to Napa class or a Cabernet Sauvignon class.

Please let me know if I can answer anything else for you. I hope you and your girlfriend have a great time!

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