what classes are recommended for an absolute beginner to the world of wine?


I am a coffee roaster and routinely “cup” the coffee I roast for the flavor notes of the beans from the many different coffee growing regions. My roasting instructor from several years ago was from Portugal and spent many years in the wine industry before immersing himself in the coffee world and becoming an international q grader and coffee roaster. He would always compare the production of the coffee bean with the wine grape and all of the background notes of the two.
I have very minimal knowledge of wine production, tasting etc. and would like to learn about the basics of the production of the grapes, flavor notes, food pairings etc. I may then host wine tasting/coffee cupping events at my roastery.
What classes do you recommend to achieve this?
Thanks, Joe.

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Great questions. We’ve had a few coffee roasters come through our classes, and the one they (and I) would suggest is the core program. You may be a wine beginner, but what you are looking for is a program that takes into consideration your passions. FYI, Zach Morris, the owner of Green Engine Coffee, was an instructor at the school for many years. He also started with the Core program.

Here’s the link to the class I am talking about: https://www.vinology.com/core-wine-education-courses/

The next available class is in August. There is also a program that starts in early October. If that is too far away, you can always take an “Intro to Wine Class” to tide you over: https://www.vinology.com/the-wine-classes/

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