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I was just on the wine school website, and it appears that all of the classes I have taken and completed to this point (Foundation, Core, Advanced Spain, Advanced Northern Italy) are now marked as incomplete and unfinished. Additionally, all of the lessons that I completed in last semester’s class (Old World Essentials) are now marked as incomplete, as are all of the lessons that I already completed in this semester’s class (Advanced Southern France). Sorry to trouble you about this, but I thought I should make you aware of this glitch.


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A number of our wine certificate and diploma students have noticed that they cannot see their certificates as completed (or see them at all)

We upgraded ours systems and some things may not show correctly for the next few days as we update other parts of the site.

Keep an eye on this thread for updates.

As a side not, please don’t try to re-enroll, retake exams, or fix anything. That will impeded the updates we are currently working on.

  • we just finished updating our database, so you should be able to see your certifications again. Also, the site should be faster and more reliable after this update.
  • Hi Keith,Thanks for looking into this. Just so you know, the webpage still shows certain completed courses as remaining active (e.g. for me, N. Italy and Spain), so I'm not sure the system is all fixed yet.Thanks!
  • It is fixed, but I'll take a look. It may very likely be that I need to review grades.
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