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Hi Keith,

You met Harvey Hurd and Fran Martini, who attended your class on Argentinean wines with us. They mentioned that we were all visiting Costa Rica. You offered to introduce us to the vintner who is leading this area with good wines. Fran was unable to contact you before we left. We are now in Costa Rica, until we leave on the 10th. Is it possible to set something up during this time? We would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

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I heard about your conversation with Alana, your instructor from the class on South American wines. Your friend Fran is under the impression she met me, but I am pretty sure she did not. If the picture below is NOT the person she talked to, she was bamboozled.

If the picture below is the person she talked to, then I better lay off the wine for awhile.

Keith Wallace

I am pretty sure she was talking to an imposter, yes? Strangely enough, that is not the first time that has happened. If you could, please describe the person in question (height, weight and hair are all I really need to know). Even better, take a look at this link below and see if they can identify the culprit:

Who’s Pretending to Be Me?

-The Real Keith

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