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I have been trying to register for the Sept. 24 class for 6 people. I have tried to do this approximately 7-8 times over the past week!! Very, very frustrating!! It keeps advising me that I am already in the system and won’t accept the registration after I complete the entire process. Please advise how to do this by today. I have been trying to take advantage of the 25% discount for March.
Please contact me at 610-585-4401. Or email me at [email protected] today. Please know that I have already tried resetting the password and it is not working.

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Thank you for the email. I looked up the issue, and have a few insights for you.

Since you purchased a class in 2007, you have an account on the site.
I also double checked to make sure the password reset works, and I can’t replicate the error you experienced. I’ll look into it further.

As a secondary solution, you can simply create another account with another email address.
Also, you may not be able to use that gift code and the discount. We also ask that you don’t register more than 4 people for any class. Large groups tend to decrease the overall quality of the experience.

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