the answer you gave me cannot be read bc the page is still not loading


Actually I cant read the answer to my question because the page with the answers is not loading properly.

I received an auto generated email that an answer was posted, but only the first line of your answer appears in your auto-generated email. And the link you provided goes to a page that does not load properly. Again, it’s a text-only directory page. I am on IE9.0, a very commonly used browser.

I also tried emailing back to philip at, but got an autoreply that the mailbox doesnt receive email.

Now I’m as high tech as the next person, but this system is not working.

Can someone please phone me, or at least email me directly without using this online Q&A forum? It’s a one-on-one topic anyway and not really something that everyone needs to read on the website.

I really appreciate any personalize assistance/service you can provide me. THanks.

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