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I purchased two tickets for March 22 event for Christmas form husband and me and we have just been notified of a conflict which we makes us unable to attend the smackdown on the 22nd. I went online and saw another one on April 20.

Is it possible to transfer these tickets? I also note there is a wait list. Is it possible to return these tickets and free up these two spots (or transfer them to someone who is waiting?)



  • Janel, just a reminder: if you want to reschedule this class, you will need to issue a reschedule request.

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You just posted a negative review, and this forum is the best place to do so.

Here is the review, for those reading:

The review is over the lack of customer service. I bought my husband
the tickets for Christmas. . In March we had something come up sudden
and unexpected and it was making it impossible for us to get to this
event. I tried reaching the school by phone but they don’t allow you
to leave a voice message there. I tried reaching them by email and no
one responded. It’s just a shame because I understand there’s a wait
list for this event and those tickets could’ve gone to someone on the
list. I am disappointed we didn’t get to go. I’ll give them two
Starr’s because I can’t really say how the event was but I’m really
disappointed in the lack of communication and service leading up to
the event.

You posted this question three weeks before the Sommelier Smackdown, and we reached out to you twice (as you can see here on the forum). It’s a shame you didn’t read our responses. You would have been able to reschedule your seats to that class.

When you emailed and/or called, you received a notice directing you back here. I’ve written extensively about our customer support philosophy here: . Yes, it’s different, but it’s effective and honest.

I’m truly sorry you missed out on attending a class at the wine school.

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Hi Janel,

Good news — I looked up your order, and you purchased ticket insurance with these seats. That means you can reschedule to another date. To obtain your reschedule code, please use this form:

The code will never expire and applies to any class on our website. The April 20 class is already sold out, but there is another one on June 20th.


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