Saturday 10/15 Class


Hi Keith,

I’ve reached out via the reschedule class link as well as sent an email to ***********, not sure if that is an active address. I’m trying desperately to reschedule my 2 tickets I have for this Saturday 10/15, Artisanal Wine & Cheese @ 4 pm. I came down with an illness that landed me in the ER last week and have been put on antibiotics, so am unable to drink any alcohol. We received a gift certificate to your school as a wedding present and were excited when we booked this class a few months back. We obviously couldn’t of foreseen this illness coming, is there any way your team can let me know about rescheduling options. Really looking forward to going, as this would have been our 3rd class with The Wine School.

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Hi Stephanie,

When you sent in the reschedule request, I did check your order to confirm that you did not purchase the insurance that allows for rescheduling. Unfortunately there are no exceptions to this policy, although you are free to transfer the seats to someone else (either by gifting or selling) if you would like.

Please accept my apologies for not being able to make an exception under the circumstances. We are a small team here and would like nothing more than to make everyone happy all the time. However, the rescheduling policy in place is the only way the School has been able to operate for over 10 years. We appreciate your understanding, and hope you feel better soon.


  • Hi Phil,

    Thank you for the response. I’m very disappointed to hear this, especially considering I’m not looking for a refund, simply to move the tickets to a date when my husband and I can use our wedding gift. We originally registered for a GC with The Wine School because we really enjoyed our first 2 classes. To not work with someone who is a returning customer who is facing an illness is not only bad customer service, it’s just wrong.

  • Our policy is incredibly good for our students, especially since it is standard for any class or cultural event to not offer any type of rescheduling at all. It’s pretty awesome that we break that mold and allow people to reschedule. The only thing we require is for our students to opt for ticket insurance at the time of purchase. This is made very clear durimg checkout, and when you agree to the TOS before purchasing. While you may feel it’s wrong for us to enforce our policies, I strongly feel the opposite to be true: it would be highly unethical for us to enforce our policies for some people and not others.

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