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I had to reschedule a class that I had two premium tickets to (Sommelier Secrets – 3/29). I received the reschedule code today, but it’s only for $118 which does not cover the amount for the premium tickets. I don’t need the insurance but I thought we could still do the premium tickets and receive the tasting kits that come with it. We we’re planning to do the Sommelier Secrets class on 7/10/19. Which tickets should I purchase? Is there a way that we can get the premium package without insurance?



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Hi Mike,

I was the person who sent you the code. My apologies if it wasn’t clear.

Basically, the tasting kit is linked to the purchase of premium seats. If you have premium seats and reschedule, we deduct $20 per ticket for insurance and give the remainder as a reschedule code. You paid $79 per seat, and received $59 per seat back.

If you’re not interested in repurchasing with insurance, I am happy to swap out insurance for a tasting kit on your next purchase. You can then pick it up when you attend your next class. Please note, however, that you will not be able to reschedule a class unless it has insurance.

I hope this helps.


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