Rescheduling a class


Good Morning
I have submitted a request to reschedule a class (unfortunately!): May 4 2019 Australian Chateaux. I want to confirm that you received the request.
I have another class I rescheduled and have a credit # 885544.
I would like to receive this credit promptly so that I can use both these credits to register for your accelerated Wine Couse Certification Aug 12-17 2019.
You have 5 seats left as of today and I want to enroll before it closes out.
If you could reserve me a seat while I wait for the credit and then process the credits I would appreciate it.
If there are any other things I need to consider in process the request and enrollment please let me know.
Thank you
Roland Sturk

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I’ve just sent you a reschedule code for that class.

Please use the full alphanumeric code that was provided to you in the emails from us to sign up. The number you listed will not work in the gift code field.


  • Mr. Bran I have not received the alphanumeric code to reschedule for the accelerated certification course

  • It was sent 4 days ago. I’ve resent it. You have to make sure to whitelist our emails so they don’t end up in spam/junk folders.

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