we have 2 premium tickets to the 5/2/19 class and due to a conflict would like to reschedule into the the 9/19/19 class. please advise the easiest and quickest way to do this. Thank you. p.s. I tried filling out a rescheduling form without any luck.

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The reschedule request you sent was for a class in which you do not have seats.

Kindly fill out the reschedule form with the date of the class in which you have seats.

Once we have that, we can process your request.

  • I am totally confused. I DO have seats for thursday, 5/2/19 class. I am TRYING to confirm if i can not go to that class and instead, attend 9/19/19 class. I am sure at this point, by the time I receive a definitive answer, that class will be sold out. It should not be this difficult to 1) get in touch with someone at the school 2) be able to reschedule a class 3) communicate on a personal level other than a forum. I find the website very difficult to navigate in this day and age. This was a birthday gift from my husband and it is not enjoyable .

  • I’m sorry to hear that. If you could simply fill in the reschedule request with the date of the class you have tickets to I can get that code out to you right away.

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You submitted a reschedule request three days ago.

Per the terms:

You will be emailed a gift certificate code for the cost of the class,
minus the cost of ticket insurance. It may take up to ten business
days to receive the code.
If you want ticket insurance when you
reschedule, you must re-purchase it. The code does not expire. Ever.
You can use the gift code to register for any class or course.

However, you submitted a reschedule request for a class you are not enrolled in. At this point, there is nothing we can do for you until you submit a reschedule request for a class you have tickets for.

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