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Hello, last night I received an email saying that online material is available for the classes starting this Sunday. When I log in, I don’t see anything and unlike one of the other posters, I don’t have an “active classes” link either. I’ve logged out, cleared caches, logged back, etc – nothing. Also tried another browser, same results. Thanks for you help in getting this resolved.

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Keith, thank you! The bars are now there and I have access to the course material.

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There are two blue bars beneath the information you provided above. The first is Student & Customer Support. The second is “My Wine Courses”. Click on that, and you will find the “Active Courses” link.

I have insured you have access to both Foundation and Intermediate.

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One other quick comment – others that are having this issue say they have an “Active Courses” link on their dashboard. I do not.

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I will try to describe below but let me ask another question. What should I see when logging in? Should there be a link to “course materials” ? Is the link to course materials supposed to be under one of the other links? Which one?

When I log in I see:
title – Sommelier & Student Account

The items below are links:

Payment methods
Account details

This is text in the right hand box:
Hello jekarwoski (not jekarwoski? Log out)
From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit your password and account details.
Email Subscriptions
Manage Newsletter Subscriptions
Twitter Handle: not set Change

Clicking on orders shows the class I’ve registered and paid for. Following that link gives only payment info.
Subscriptions link: You have no active subscriptions. Find your first subscription in the store. Following the store link give me a list of classes.
Downloads link: No Downloads Available yet. “Go Shop” “Go Shop” link give a list of Academic course and tasting classes

The other links don’t show anything that would be promising or perhaps link to the material.

Again, what should. see when logging in? And I do want to get this resolved, but in the mean time, could the material be emailed to me? Placed in a dropbox? Other suggestions? I see others are having the same issue.

This is Safari 10.0.1 on MacOS 10.12.1. I’ve also tried Firefox 55.0.3.


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Hi John,

I checked everything from our end, and you should have access to the two courses.

Can you describe what you do see after logging in?


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