What is the refund policy for starting and coming to one day of class and not finishing the week? Contrary to our discussion tonight, I’m not a narcissist, I just don’t see my enjoyment and knowledge of wine being developed in the present format of the course. As a fellow educator, I think we just have very different informational styles. Respectfully,

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To clarify your response, at your sole discretion, you can offer a refund up to 25%, but are refusing? I will plan to continue to attend class, otherwise.

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Sorry to hear that, I’d suggest giving the program more than a single class. Here’s the information you requested:

Course Rescheduling

If a student cannot attend a course, they must notify us at least
thirty (30) in advance prior to the start date. With due notice, the
student has the following options: first, transfer the registration to
another person approved in advance by the Wine School; second, receive
a non-refundable credit on account which can be applied toward
another course. At the discretion of the school, reasonable
administrative costs may be deducted from the total credit.

If a student does not give thirty days notice, a school administrator
may offer a refund, at the administrator’s sole discretion. The total
of any refund will be no great than 25% of tuition paid, minus any
class fees and reasonable administrative costs.

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