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Am I asking the question incorrectly? I asked about accessing the on-line system over a day ago
and had not gotten a reply… should I be asking another way or calling?

Thank you

Gordon Lapinski

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When I go to my account and select the Certification tab it shows the Foundation course as an active course. In the Account tab it shows recent order, my address and saved card

Does that indicate something I set up? or is there another step for me to do?

apologize for my confusion. I am anxious to dig in to the materials

  • So you have access to the material, in other words.
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Mr. Wallace

Confused here. I am the student My name is Gordon Lapinski

One of the names you mentioned appears to be a misspelling of my name. I have no idea who the other person is Ocoma. No association to me.

I have an account setup but I do not know how to access the materials.

Thank you for your help

  • There are two guys with VERY similar names in class, which is crazy. Also the confusion.We are out of the office mondays and tuesdays, so responses come on Wednesdays, typically.did you create an account or are you using the one created for you? when you go to the "My Account" link, is there a "Certifications" tab? If there is a tab, is there anything listed there?
  • I am Jason Ocoma and I should be associated with the 2nd Foundations signup under Stephen Leszczynski's account. It seems that you have mixed up the Stephen Leszczynski and the Gordon Lapinski. I have emails into Philip Brandeis as well as the Foundation materials are not available on my account.
  • Jason: I did, and the response here applies to you (even though you didn't ask. I just thought you did.)
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I am not sure who (I think it’s J, but it’s showing up as G) is posting, so I am using last names to avoid confusion.

You are correct, the best way to ask for assistance on any and all matters is via this forum.

Let me try to answer your questions.

You have two seats to the Foundation: one for Mr. Labinski and the other for Mr. Ocoma.

The account and registration for Labinski was automatic. He had immediate access to an account and the online Foundation materials. If that is not the case, please respond to this forum.

The account and registration for Ocoma is manual. Once Ocama created an account–which he did Sunday night–we would have to manually add him into the class.

While I understand the excitement to dive right in and begin reading the excellent material, please understand it may take several days before he has access.

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