Questions about upcoming Core Wine Program Oct-Dec '17



I was wondering if there any preparatory measures that need to be taken before showing up at school in October. Are there any classes, platforms, or forums to enroll in online? When will my dashboard on this website list me as Enrolled in the program? Are there any books you recommend students get there hands on before classes? There is still over a month before the course starts, so these questions could be premature on my part. I’d just like to have all my bases covered.


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Hi Chris,

It’s great to hear your enthusiasm for the course!

The programs you will be attending offer a unique point of view on the world of wine developed from a winemaker’s perspective. Therefore, there aren’t many outside books or materials that will help to “get a leg up” on the subject matter. The two books that we recommend for Intermediate students are The World Atlas of Wine and the Oxford Companion to Wine. These are akin to reference books, and are the closest we have to an actual textbook for the class.

If you are doing the professional certification, you will receive access to the online materials immediately before the class starts. It’s preferable to read those materials after attending that week’s class. You will then take an online weekly quiz that closely approximates the questions on the final exam.

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you, and have a great holiday weekend!


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