Problems with the exam!!!



I am really concerned I just took the final exam for the intermediate course. I took the exam and only had 50 questions. When I hit complete quiz the grade appeared but then there were more question that appeared that were not on it when I took it. So i did not even have a chance to answer them. Please let me know what I should do. The exam now I believed to have more the 75 questions… I am not sure what to do seeing how before I hit complete quiz there were 50 after completing quiz 25 more questions appeared. Is there a problem with the system?


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For any student taking an exam and reading the comments, don’t freak out. This was a unique case and will not affect you.

Here’s what happened:

I was walking a student through getting back into a course. The system did not recognize their credentials. This does happen sometimes. We have a security system in place to prevent outdated credentials to pass into exam areas. Part of this job is done by our Varnish server that rebuilds pages on the fly. However, I had turned off the caching system to help get the student reestablish his credentials.

I wasn’t expecting the student to jump right into taking the exam, and that caused a problem: he was answering the wrong questions. It’s one in 10,000 chance of that happening, and it caused a problem with our auto grading system when it came time to grade his work. That was rectified as well.



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One step at a time. Please don’t charge ahead. You just asked about the system not recognizing you. Did the process I outline work? Did you do something else? If so, what?

  • I am working with a Mac. I logged out and then cleared the history. (there was no cache on my computer) and then logged back in. I clicked on the lesson final exam and it still said you need a 65% and that I received a grade.

  • I even tried rebooting my computer.

  • There is always a cache, even if it isn’t an option (which is why I don’t work on macs). Clearing history isn’t the same. Google offered up this:

  • Don’t worry, I have your back. The only way now to repair this is for me to reset your account, which is what I am going to do now. You will have to retake the quizzes before the exam. Please don’t take the exam until tomorrow evening. I want to verify everything is kosher before you jump back into the exam, and I gotta leave the office in about two minutes.

    Actually, I am going to hold off until tomorrow morning, just in case I come up with a better way to fix the issue. Rather not have to force you to retake all the quizes.

  • I followed the instructions and emptied the caches. I will hold off on doing anything else. I have work tomorrow form 2-10:15 pm so I will not be able to take it until after that. I will wait to hear from you. Thanks for all of your help it is very much appreciated.

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