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Just trying to connect….without a email to respond to or phone number to call I’m REALLY limited here.

I initially realized 5 minutes after I booked the tasting that we have plans. I requested to reschedule and received an email that I would hear something in a week. It’s well past a week….no response. Again, without a phone number to call or email to communicate to this is a problem.

Please advise. I need to reschedule.

Ugh … the first time I tried to send this I got a message that I couldn’t use my email to contact you. I’m trying another email address for me.

  • Bob Pantaliano asked 4 years ago
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Thank you for your question. I find This forum to be a fantastic way to offer support. It allows all questions and answers to be public and transparent.

I pulled up your order and your reschedule request. You were sent the following email within five minutes of your request:

Bob Pantaliano ,

We just received your reschedule information. We will take care of
everything, but please be patient. This isn’t an automated process.
Depending on how busy we are, it take upwards of a week. Once I’ve
confirmed your premium tickets, I’ll send you a gift code via email. I
suggest picking up the Premium upgrade again, as it offers the ability
to reschedule and doesn’t cost very much.

A few caveats: this service is only for folks to purchased the
Premium upgrade, which is only available at the time of purchase. If
you don’t have Premium tickets, not all is lost: you can transfer your
tickets to another person. Just have them mention your name when they

Please do not reply to this email: this account is used for outgoing
emails only.

From your question, it seems like you got that email, correct?

When you purchased your seat, you did not opt for the premium upgrade (aka ticket insurance). Gift certificates are treated like cash, so you could have opted for that upgrade if you wanted it.

You would not get a second response, since your ticket was not eligible for rescheduling. As Philip stated in the email he sent you, you can transfer the ticket to someone else.

If you have any follow up questions, feel free to post them here as a comment.

  • So, let me see if I understand you. I made a mistake in my date choice, 5 minutes later I realize it and you give me no access to calling or emailing you. I get online and send an email asking about it. I get an email in return “we will take care of EVERYTHING” …. “it can take upwards of a week”. and now you’re saying that because I didn’t opt for the premium upgrade, and although you said you would respond in less than a week, I don’t even DESERVE A RESPONSE! You’ve got a lot to understand about customer service. I’ll be sure to spread the word.
  • Bob,As the owner of CFO 360 and a former exec at Domus, I respect your opinion. If you have a better way of dealing with customer support, I am all ears.As the representative of the school, I responded to your question personally within a half hour of your asking it.Our only other contact with you was an email that stated who could and could not reschedule a class. I included that for you in my previous response.I look forward to hearing from you.
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