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Just saw Keith’s Dec newsletter touting the Santa Barbara wine region. I will be in Carmel over the new year, and was wondering if you had any recommendations for wineries in the northern Paso Robles region, esp Carmel Valley. Many thanks!

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Great question. Paso is a rather large area. Over the past five years, it’s been parcelled up into more manageable sub-regions. Here’s a map:

enter image description here

The places to focus on the NW sector of the region. Adelaide District, Willow Creek, and Templeton Gap are the top regions to focus on. A few favorites in Adelaide District are Tablas Creek, McPrice Myers, and Kukkula. I used to suggest Justin, but the winery was sold and the new owners aren’t cool.

Also, check out TH Estate Wines. The winemaker/owner is Terry Hoage. He played for the Philly Eagles and is a great guy. Saxum is great, but I don’t think they have a tasting room.



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