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Hi Keith and Alana,

I hope this email finds you well! Jenny and I are still missing our Sunday wine school classes, but unfortunately, we have since moved away to NYC.

We had a couple of quick questions for you if you wouldn’t mind.

  1. We have completed levels 1 and 2 with you, but are looking to continue our wine education. Do you have any wine school recommendations in NYC?
  2. If we have a friend who wants to do the level 1/2 equivalent, are there any schools in NYC that offer a similar course without all of the marketing and $$-requirements of somm on Netflix (that we always laughed at in class)?

Thank you in advance!


PS: I still never thanked you for introducing me to Priorat wine…I can’t get enough of it!

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Miss you, too. Hope you are enjoying the big city. You should check out Astor Wine & Spirits, their staff is the best I’ve seen in the city. Glad I hooked you on Priorat. You should check out some Toro from Spain, too.

You are right, Much of what is in NYC is pretty expensive and has all the “SOMM” BS that folks like yourself can see through. Also, they tend to be very expensive. Sadly, the Wine School is pretty singular in its zer0-snobbery approach to wine.

My friend & colleague Kevin Zraly has retired. Otherwise, I would recommend his Windows of the World Wine School. They didn’t offer certification, but it was a good program.

If you friend can slum it for a week in August, we do our accelerated program then. Also, I’ll reach out the next time I’m in NYC for work. Maybe we can grab a drink or two (or maybe get you a pass to whatever tasting I’m going to).



There is a decent –if outdated– guide to wine schools, here’s the link:

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