I sent a detailed message yesterday about getting seats at a class and it is not posted here…thus no answer SIGH. I can understand no phone calls (the few must suffer because of the many) but what happens when online doesn’t work either. I’m wondering how many posts aren’t getting through if my 1 out of 1 didn’t.

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Keith, that is what I am talking about. My question I sent apparently never was received by you and I followed the same procedure for the one you did indeed get and post. My question was regarding the 11/22 4-7 class. I was asking about how the seat count worked. I was trying to sign up for 5 seats for myself and friends and didn’t know if the count stopped at 3 or if it was sold out except for 3 since it would not let me go up to 5 before ordering. When I didn’t hear back I just started sampling other classes and found out the count actually does go higher than 3 and it must be that the class “Wine Smarts” had reached capacity minus 3. By late last night it was capacity minus 1.. thus the question became moot. Thanks anyway.

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This is the first post you have made on the forum. Welcome! The system is working fine, but you have not posted any questions to this forum before now. If you have questions on how to register for classes, feel free to ask.

We have responded to your emails in the past, including this one:

It seems whenever I have interest in a class I can never get it. I
received your ad just Today for this a class. There are two others
that note they are Sold Out, however this course was NOT Sold Out:
Cook & Corks: Food & Wine Pairing July 25 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm. So I
went to sign up as always but was not allowed because when you click
on the course it then says … OUT OF STOCK. This is getting a
little ridiculous if not unprofessional. I’m at the point of just not
reading your newsletters any more if they are either being sent to me
too late to attend your courses or someone doing this in jest. Either
way it is not very nice.

Which we responded to like this:

Very glad you enjoy the newsletter. We write it to give folks a few
good options for quality wines in their local shops.

We’d love to have you attend a class at the school. Keep in mind
classes can sell out a month or two in advance. It’s neither
unprofessional nor mean spirited . Some classes are more popular than

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