Must Miss a Class


Hello and Happy New Year!
Is there a chance of a second section of Old World Essentials being added on a separate night (i.e. Wednesday) like you did with Northern France ?

If there is only one section of Old World Essentials on Mondays, I must miss at least one class. I need to make the plan now. Of April 18th and May 16th, which is the one to miss and which is the one absolutely NOT to miss?

Thanks so much

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All depends on if you are wearing vertical stripes or not. 😉

I combined your two questions into one post, for brevity sake. There is only going to be one section next semester (Mondays).

As for missing one class, I haven’t put together the syllabus for the program yet, so I don’t know dates. How about I make sure that the April 18th is the one to miss? As usual, I tend to have the classes build to a crescendo, so the earlier classes are always better to miss.

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