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First I would like to thank Keith and Alana for all your hard work and patience during the Accelerated Wine Course last month. I learned a lot (and there is so much more to learn!)
While I was knee deep in free run juice during harvesting of Sauvignon Blanc for Crow Vineyards in Kennedyville, Maryland, I had an idea (dangerous thing).
Although I was successful in getting by the Foundation course I find myself wanting more reinforcement and training in recognizing the noble varieties.
I was wondering if you might offer a short series of courses (3-4) focusing on ABT, Varietal Fingerprints, and Old and New World differences. It would be great if these were practical courses. The goal being to identify the 3 white and 6 red noble varieties we focused on during the Foundation Course (in a blind tasting, of course). It is something I would like to be able to do and know I need more training!!!

Thanks again!!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The programing of the Core and Advanced programs are designed to incrementally build upon critical knowledge points. Getting to the Foundation gives you the vantage of knowing what the core competencies are, and students are expected to build upon those basic skills as they move toward an advanced certification.

Have a great fall,


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