mixup of my signing in when I the parent ,paid tuition. For some reason now my daughters user name and password was deleted . So she is not getting hematerials

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My Daughter is Alyson McRipley
She signed on with her username and password.
When I her mother, went to pay her tuition on line it deleted her username and password
When I paid her tuition I was only asked my email
Now I cannot sign myself on at all to try to change the user name and password to hers
Needless to say she is not heating her materials for class
Please call me so that this problem can be worked out
She needs her class materials and a way to talk with her teachers
Thank you
Sharon Lombard- McRipley phone number 5706907293

  • Sharon Lombard asked 5 years ago
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To keep the confusion to a minimum, it would be best if she communicated with us directly via this forum.

She will need to create a new account, and let us know via this forum when she does. At that time, she will also need to identify what class she is in, and the name of whom purchased the seat for her.

Once we have that information from her, we can transfer the class from you to her.

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