Missing con Ed exam??



I’m not sure if my questions are going thru, so I started a new thread

The Spring Advanced Old World course I took still shows 11 out of 12 assignments completed. I thought the wine pairing was the 12th class.

It looks like I need to complete the continuing ed exam, I didn’t realize that

But when I go to take it I get this error message:

There are no questions for this Quiz yet. Check back soon.

Am I doing anything wrong?



  • Ray, just following up. Could you take the Con. Ed. Exam?

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If I don’t answer in 48 hours at the outside, I missed the question. Sorry about that.

I pulled up the exam, and I am seeing it on my side. We are going to be updating a few things on the exam/courses pages this week, so your issue may resolve itself.

First: log out of the site. Reboot your computer, and log back in.

Second: Go to the Continuing Education exam. click on “View the Quiz”

Let me know if that fixes the issue.

FYI, if you comment on this answer, I get notified that you responded.

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