Keep the Cookbooks....just let me reschedule


Hadn’t received a reply to my earlier request.

I purchased the following with a $100 gift certificate as follows:
2 Tickets for Intro to Wine – Sat. 10/7 4-6p @ $39.98 ($79.96)
2 Cookbooks @ $10.00 ($20)
TOTAL: $99.96

Please, I am begging you, keep the two cookbooks ($20 value) and let me reschedule the class only.
I know that it’s already sold out so you’d be able to book 2 new students.

Please respond.

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Hi Ellen,

I’m sorry to hear you won’t be able to attend. The rescheduling option is for ticketholders who purchase insurance during checkout. If you do not have insurance, then that is the likely reason you have not received an email from us.

You are able to sell the tickets on sites such as Craig’s List. The purchaser can attend the class using your name. It’s also possible to post the tickets for sale in a separate post on this forum.


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