How to confirm registration and name change


We got an email that asked us to confirm our registration information, but I did not see any action items to perform. What do we need to do to confirm our registration?

Also the name on my ticket is incorrect, as my payment method used my previous name before a change. How can I correct this?


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Your tickets are confirmed.

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Please confirm your registration information, which is included at the bottom of this email. Looking forward to meeting you!


Keith Wallace
Wine School of Philadelphia
109 S. 22nd Street
Philadelphia, PA
United States 19103

Class & Registration Details
Coming to Class
Per terms of purchase, you must abide by the following three rules:

Perfume and cologne are not permitted
Groups of 5 or more cannot sit together
No late arrivals
A few helpful tips:

Dress code is business casual
Your classroom is on the first floor.
Bathrooms and coat rack are on the lower floor
The classroom opens 15 minutes before class
Have a light meal or snack before class
Food served is intended to elucidate a point. Do not expect dinner.
Per terms of purchase, we cannot honor dietary requests.
What to Expect
From bartenders to CEOs, our students come from all walks of life. They all have a few things in common.

Zero snobbery
Respect for other students
A love for all things corked & forked.
Our instructors are intimidating on paper, but their goal is for you to have an amazing classroom experience.

Decade+ of industry experience
Minimum of a Masters Degree
Qualified to train sommeliers and chefs

Registration Details
Catherine Bondar has ticket(s) to Chocolate and Wine Pairing on February 14th 7:30 pm at Wine School of Philadelphia
109 S. 22nd Street
Philadelphia, PA
United States 19103

Type of ticket: Discount Ticket Discount tickets are revocable in the sole discretion of the Wine School and its employees. Please see the “Coming to Class” section of this email for a reminder of what is expected of everyone in our classrooms.

If these details are incorrect or you have any questions, please contact us immediately via our customer support forum at

If You Cannot Attend The Class
If you have premium or insured tickets, you can reschedule here:
No insurance? Your tickets can be transferred to another person. You do not need to notify us ahead of time.
You can also purchase ticket insurance here.

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Please select “Post Answer”, then copy and paste the email you received. That way, I can review the text of the email.

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