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Hello, I wanted to know the main differences between the Great Wines Made Simple course and the Wine 101 course. My wife and I are not new to wine, but also don’t know much about it. I like that the “Simple” course helps you understand which wines you like and what to look for, but is some of this covered in the 101 course? Just trying to decide between the 2, any advice would be appreciated!


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Awesome question. They are both part of our “Learn about Wine Series” There is a brief explanation of these classes over here, if you want the official description.

Wine 101 is a class I created a year BEFORE the school was founded in 2001. It’s designed to teach people about the eight major wine grapes and how they should taste. More importantly, it’s main goal it so show that wine enjoyment should be a smart pleasure, not a snobbish chore.

The Great Wine Made Simple class is about learning how to read a wine label. The focus is on learning to read European wine labels (France, Italian, and Spanish). It is a practical class that will give you the skills to buy wines in a smarter fashion.

I love this class: it opens up everyone’s eyes to what is really important on a wine label, and how easy it can be to buy better wines without spending more money. Of course, you will get to taste all the wines you are learning about, too.

You really can’t go wrong either way. Maybe take both? 😉

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