Good Pinot Grigio for Restaurant to sell by the glass


I live in Bucks county and one of the restaurants there wants to add a Pinot Grigio to their “by the glass” offerings and asked my opinion. They want a offer a good wine which they can offer reasonably priced. Do you have any suggestions?



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Good to hear from you! This has a few elements that need to be answered:

Let’s assume they need a PG that is around $6-8 wholesale, so they can sell it by the glass. They also need one that will be consumer-friendly, not a wine with crazy or curious flavors. Also, you want it to be an SLO: no restaurant really should have a wine on their list that is also in a state store. The wine I usually put on lists is the Barone Fini, but they would need to see if it hits those three requirements in PA.



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