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My name is Taylor Perkins and I received a gift certificate to your wine school about two years ago and was wondering if the gift certificate is still valid? Also, is there anyway that the gift certificate is in your system? I have misplaced it. It had an $80 value and was purchased by Marlene Perkins. If someone could get back to me regarding this information that would be greatly appreciated.

Taylor R. Perkins

  • It may be under Marlene L. Perkins or George Perkins
  • If there is anyway you could find the code for me to redeem that would be great! we would love to come to a wine tasting course!
  • There isn’t a code under those names (or yours) in our database. I also checked our backup database, to be sure. We send out our gift certificates electronically, so the purchaser would have a copy in their email. Please have the purchaser contact us via this forum.
  • Is it under Marlene Harmon Perkins? If not then I will have her contact you.
  • nope, it is not.

It is still valid. However, you would need the gift certificate code to utilize it. We cannot send it to you directly, but we can resend it to the purchaser.

  • Thank you for such a quick response. If you could send it to the purchaser that would be great, she is my mother. Is the address on file or do you need me to give it to you again?
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