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I purchase a gift certificate for $ 100 and received an email confirming it. however there is no attachement and even when you login, there is no file or pdf to be printed for the people to present. I only realized this now. Can you advise what is the best way to receive the gift certificate?

thank you
order number:
Order #440366 was placed on December 17th and is currently Completed.


merry xmas!

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Thank you for the question. Very similar in scope to the question right below: , so the advice is going to be the same.

I’ll resend the invoice, which has the code on it. You can also view the code in your account here:

Your gift certificate is most likely in your bulk mail folder in your email account. That may also be the fate of the new email I am sending you right now, so please check.

For a printable gift certificate, they are available in the shopping cart:
They can also be located here:

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