How Do I Find My Gift Certificate?


I ordered a gift certificate but I do not see the Gift Code anywhere in email or otherwise.

If you could get back to me ASAP that would be great as I need to gift this tonight!


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How To Find Your Gift Certificate Code

If you purchased a gift certificate and cannot find the code, this little guide will help you.

What email address did you send it to? During checkout, you were asked to supply an email address to send the gift certificate to. If you supplied an email address other than your own, that is where it was sent.

Check your spam/bulk email. If you sent the gift certificate to yourself, then it may have ended up here.

Go to your account. You can do so here:
Click on the “Coupon” link. If it’s not showing there, then go to the “Orders” link. The code will be listed on your order. It is a long alpha-numeric code.

The gift certificate may be identified as a Store Credit or Coupon in your order.

Once you have the gift code, you can print out a gift certificate. We supply a customizable PDF here:

If after reading this, you have further questions feel free to post a question.

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