Foundation and Making Up a Class


Hi! My question is 2-fold.

  1. I am now in Intermediate but my Foundation Course is still listed as incomplete, any idea when I can expect to receive my final grade / course will show as complete?

  2. I need to make up the “Lab” class from Foundation as I missed it last semester – when is that class scheduled for?

Thanks for your help as always!

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I will take a look at this question. I just need some info to start with: When did you complete the foundation online exam? Also, are you referring to the Components Class Lab? I think that is the one you missed, but I want to verify. Feel free to answer as either a comment or as another answer.

Thank you!


  • Hi Keith,
    I completed the foundation online exam within the 2 week period after class ended (last semester).

    The components lab class is the one that myself and 1 other need to make up. I believe it may be this coming Sunday (2/12)?


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