Final Exam Intermediate Certification


Good Evening,

I was planning on taking the final exam for the intermediate certification tonight, but when I click the lesson there is a statement that says “Please purchase the course before starting the lesson.” This statement wasn’t there earlier in the week when I was finishing my quizzes. I don’t want to click view the lesson quiz until I know there isn’t a glitch in the system. We were told in class we had until the next semester started to take the final exam. Please let me know if I am able to go ahead and take the exam.



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I was teaching tonight, so I couldn’t get to this earlier.

Everything will be fine. We should be able to get you into your exam quickly.

You should logout of your account. Empty the cache of your internet browser, as well. Then log back in.

If you are saying “what is a cache and what is an internet browser?” then I also have the low-tech way of fixing this issue: Close down everything on your computer/android/ipod and reboot.

Let me know asap if that does or doesn’t work. I will be in the office until around 10 tonight.

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