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Hello, I was a member of the Beer Brewing course in May/June and at the end of our last class day on June 22 Keith told us that he would be getting in touch with us on when our final class day would be. we brewed a batch of beer from all grain and it obviously had to ferment and age. Keith said he would contact us all via email on scheduling the last class day. Just wondering when that when it will be. I have been in contact with other members of the class and we are feeling a little less than pleased.

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That saison was still fermenting as of two weeks ago, which surprised me. I had to keep putting it outside to get the temps up, but Philly wasn’t as warm as it usually is so I was not getting the 85-90 degrees this yeast craves.

This is all part of brewing, and something I talked about during class: this is a mercurial yeast. I didn’t plan on it going so long, I fully I expected it to be done before I went on vacation, where I am right now. Sorry you are less than happy about this, but I did tell the class that it could take a while until it was done. Nothing to be done but wait sometimes.

I’ve been lagering the tank since I left. Once I get back and rack it again, it will probably be time for bottling, I will let you know.

  • Thanks for getting back to me Keith. Some of us had been keeping in touch and at least one of the guys hademailed and hadn’t heard anything.I COMPLETELY understand about Belgian saison yeast strains. That was what had caused my batch to quit fermenting early. Since the end of class I used some of the tricks and skills to brew another batch, this time using French Saison yeast and have had great success. I did 2 weeks in the primary, 2 in the secondary and bottled this past weekend, Nailed the fg. I also dry hopped a gallon of this batch and did pumpkin spices in another gallon. I look forward to seeing you again and continuing with future classes with the school. Thanks Scott
  • Thank you for replying. We didn’t get the email, FYI. Saison is an unpredictable beast, but I love it.I’m finishing off the accelerated core program this week, and the Advanced next week, so I’ll be scheduling bottlling day right after that.
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