Eagles parade preempts getting into the city


We were really looking forward to this wine tasting, however, we don’t think it will be possible to make it into the city. The news and information for the Eagles parade(who knew this would happen?) suggests the city will have 5 million people downtown, no parking, and all the center city transit stops like suburban will be closed. The SEPTA schedule will not have trains running in the evening from our location- they are cancelled. Although the parade is 11-1 and the celebration at the art museum is 1-3- it is unlikely the crowds will just clear out. More likely they will stay to party- in fact, they even closed the public schools and many of the businesses are closing. To be frank, it does not seem possible unless one lives in center city to be able to get into the city that day unless going in for the parade and just staying all day long, unfortunately we don’t have the option to do that.
Will you be rescheduling? If not, due to these extenuating circumstances we would like to be reimbursed or given the opportunity to move to another tasting. We really don’t feel it is fair to be held to this date when it will be impossible to get downtown or to get parking.
Please let us know, we do so love the tastings and would not like to miss this opportunity.
Sunita Sheth

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Thank you for your comment. We have sent everyone an email announcing that the class has been cancelled. Please let me know if you do not see it.


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