Different ticket price options


You offer three different ticket price options .
During class, I wondered if other people in the room purchased the cheapest ticket option and asked myself why I purchased the most expensive one, because I didn’t see a difference in treatment during the class. We got the same wines to taste as everybody else, we didn’t get any small hors d’heuvres on the side with the wine. Nothing was different.

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Thanks for the question. We are very concerned that you expected more of a restaurant than a classroom experience. We don’t want anyone to come to a class expecting something other than what we offer: that isn’t good for either party.

I’d like to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Here is how we describe the tickets you purchased:

Premium Tickets Comes with our sommelier-level wine tasting kit. Ticket insurance is included.

Here’s an example currently on our site: https://www.vinology.com/class/101/

I’m very sorry you are upset making the choice of Premium seats. Should we add any other language to make sure this unfortunate misunderstanding doesn’t happen again? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, the instructor tried to get your attention, but you left without picking up your tasting kits. Your sommelier tasting kits are waiting for you if you’d like to pick them up. Let us know.


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