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Hello! We had 4 insured seats for the July Smackdown event and cancelled 2 prior to the event. We haven’t received a confirmation or a reschedule code. Can you assist? Thanks!

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Thanks Keith! Shouldn’t I have received a code to reschedule by now?

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We’ve responded to this question several times:

Your question from three weeks ago:

I cancelled 2 of our 4 tickets but did not receive a confirmation
e-mail. Please confirm. Wish there was a private way to contact the
wine school of Philly.

I’m sorry to say I think this is our last event with you due to the
difficulty to connect. Looks like we will now lose our money even
though we bought insurance on our tickets. Not being able to contact
anyone is so consumer unfriendly.

Our response:


I’m sorry to hear that, but we did reply to your question over the
weekend. Here is the link to verify:

Basically, it’s a very simple process. All you need to do is fill out
a reschedule form for 2 seats. Here is another link to that form:

Once the form is submitted it can take up to one week for the
reschedule code to be issued.

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you. I hope
you enjoy the class!

Cheers, Philip

Your original question:

Hello! How do you reschedule 2 of our 4 tickets for an event without
losing the entire reservation?

Need assistance. Have 4 tickets to the sommelier smack down but can
only use 2. Have insurance.

Our response:


That’s no problem. Please fill out the reschedule request form and indicate that it is for 2 seats. Here is the link:

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


Please note that you were directed to the reschedule request page both times you asked.

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