credit balance?

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Is there an easy way to see what my credit balance is?

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Good question!

When we launched our new site, we included a way for you to see the balance of you gift certificate right from your own account. As long as the gift certificate was sent to your email address, it will be connected to your account here at the Wine School. It will remain there until it is completely emptied.

However, that only works with gift certificates created after March 5th, 2014.

Gift certificates created before that date are still valid –of course– but the look-up feature isn’t always available. To see if it is available, you can click on “My Account” at the top right corner of this website. You would see your account information and your gift certificate balance.

If it doesn’t show there, you can always go through with a purchase. The value of the gift certificate will show up during the checkout process. If you cancel out the order, it won’t deduct anything from your certificate.

Hope that helps!

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