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Hi! I have not yet gotten the results of both the Intermediate and Foundation course exams. I know it takes up to 2 weeks post-class exam to get them, but we are past that mark as of today so now I’m wondering if I did something wrong on the online exam? I took them both as soon as I got home from the in-class exams. When I log into my account it appears as if I’m just waiting for the other exam results to be added. But I figured it was worth a shot to ask in case something was up or I just missed the email. Thanks!

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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for emailing.

You can view your results in your Student Account by clicking on the course and seeing your grade for the final exam.

If you have any questions, you can email me directly at


  • Per my email, In my intermediate course, it still says my Intermediate exam results have not been uploaded and is saying I only got 38% correct because it is calculating a 0 on the first question – whether I took the in class exam. I answered yes to that, but it says it is wrong and that the results still need to be uploaded. And since that score is worth 40 points its showing i only got a 38%. I sent a screenshot. The online quiz it looks like I got 31/39 correct which is a 79%. Allie Bucci posted this same issue on the forum 4 weeks ago so I assumed this was a class-wide issue. But i guess it was only an issue for a few of us? Can you check this out?

  • Sorry to be a stalker but I didn’t receive a reply to my email I sent to Philip this morning and it was in regards to retaking the test this Thursday, which I am currently trying to cram for since I only found out I failed yesterday when I asked where my results were. Is it possible to get the actual results of my intermediate test so I can see where my shortcomings were and where my notes may be incorrect? I’m going over everything right now and already found an error in something I wrote down. My results were never uploaded nor did I get any other notification email about my exam status. I was told because I failed the in-class intermediate exam it wasn’t uploaded, which I find really confusing because how was I ever going to know if I passed or failed? I also need the time of the exam for Thursday. I’m sorry if I’m being a pain in the ass, but this means a great deal to me. Thank you.

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