I was not in class last week due to illness. However, the last time I was in class I was crushed to find out that I would not be given any certificate after completing the class I’m in because I did not do the beginners course. I did not know this until that class. It is very disheartening to pay the amount I paid for this class to receive no certification. I would have easily waited to take the beginning classes and worked my way up. I was assured when I first signed up that me taking the class I took, would be ok. I was never told until 2 weeks ago about any of this. If I would have known that from the beginning I would have changed my plan as to which classes I would take. I feel as though I’m in over my head and that I should have taken the other classes first. There is little point in me finishing out this class. I wish I would have known from the start what I was getting into but was given little guidance.

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Your first reached out to us here:

This is how I responded to your questions:

Level 1-3 NWS certification is needed if you are seeking to get your
diploma. That said, you can take the January Advanced program and then
double back and take the core in the Spring. That is not ideal, but
it’s do-able.

You opted to take Level 3 program (intermediate) prior to the Level 2 program (foundation).

In class, your instructor specifically told you the following:

  • Can you earn your NWS diploma without completing Level 2? No.

  • If you complete the Level 2 program –even if out of sequence– will you get certification? Absolutely.

We’ve been consistent in what we’ve told you: you have to finish levels 1-3 to earn the certificate.

In your question, you state that

I feel as though I’m in over my head and that I should have taken the
other classes first.

Sorry to hear that. Taking the Foundation prior to the Intermediate does not make the Intermediate easier: the courses cover polar opposite subject matter and are designed to be independent of each other.

You have only attended half of the classes so far, which is probably why you feel behind. That said, the intermediate program is hard and demands a lot from everyone; student and teacher alike. When you take the Foundation program, you will find it just as demanding.

My strongest recommendation for completing the Intermediate program is to read all the material provided, including our online material and what is handed out in class. If you don’t have notes from the classes you missed, you should ask another student for a copy.

You may need to spend five or six hours a week consuming the material. Most importantly, make sure you have a grasp of the topics prior to class, so you can actively participate. Work hard, and it will be worth it.

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