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Hi there,
I was scheduled a class for November 18th. A few days prior I submitted a request to reschedule explaining my personal situation and I never received a response back. I have also paid for a class for my fiance and I on December 1. We were then planning on enrolling into an entire course depending on our experience with the class.

I am really looking forward to the potential of enrolling into a course and our upcoming December class but I am disappointed that I never received feedback regarding my scheduled that on November 18th. I submitted the email via the class reschedule request on your website. When I booked the class, it was only for myself. The week of my class my fiance’s work schedule changed and he was available. In my request I asked if there was the possibility of adding an additional person to the class and even offered to pay extra. I completely understood if we were not able to squeeze him and I would have ended up coming to the class myself but I never heard back. My fiance and I both work in medicine. I work internationally doing volunteer surgeries abroad and his schedule is quite sporadic like mine so we never get to see one another and we were excited about attending together if possible.

Please let me know if anything can be done. Thanks.

  • Lauren, Hope you had lovely Thanksgiving. I am following up on my respond to your question earlier in the week. I’d like to look into this, but I do need some additional information.

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Sorry to hear you could not make it to the class. I’m looking into the issue, but I need some information from you first. Did you post your question here on the forum? I cannot locate your original question. Also, did you submit a reschedule request? If so, could you check your spam folder? You should have gotten an automated response within a few minutes of submitting a reschedule request.

Please respond by adding a comment under this answer. Thank you!

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