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Hi Keith,
Sorry to ask again but it’s been three days and I want to make sure my question we’ve through. I used my cell phone so I’m not sure. On Monday you said there was a shot off changing from the October French wine Advanced course to the June one. Your newsletter says there is still one spot left. May I please change my dates?
Thank you so much for your consideration

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I understand.
When you sent the email this morning saying did I not see this ( the previous email with my reschedule code) that was the first time I saw the email with the code. It did say that it was sent 19 hours prior, but I have been meticulously checking my email and i didn’t see it until this morning. I am successfully in the class, and very grateful, just not sure what to do now about my fall ticket for the same course.

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Hi Phillip,
I’t s twenty minutes to nine and I still am waiting for a reschedule code so that I can sign up when it’s released.
Please let me know what I need to do to proceed
Thank you very much

  • That’s not correct. It was sent at 1:23 pm yesterday.

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That spot sold out after the newsletter was sent to our distribution platform. My apologies for the confusion.

The good news is that we can still get you into the spring class, but it will require that we coordinate on a time to release the seat. Otherwise, it’s possible someone else will reserve it.

What is a good time for you? I will send you a reschedule code shortly that you can use to register.


  • Anytime is good for me before five pm today or all day tommorow

  • OK great. Does 9 am work?

  • Nine am is perfect. Should I expect a registration code at that time from you in an email? Thanks for all your help

  • I tried to respond to the email asking if I receieved the email with the reregistration code- but the email kept bouncing back so I’m putting it here.
    No I didn’t. I’m so sorry
    I checked my promotions and social inbox too.
    I purchased the ticket for june since I didn’t want anyone else to get the spot.
    What do I do now about my fall course?
    Is there any way to refund that ticket? Or do I need to wait until that course is full and some one else wants to take it and sell it to that student?
    I’m just not exactly sure what to do with the spare.
    Thank you so much for opening a spot this morning for me! I’m very appreciative of being able to take this course in June.
    Most Sincerely,
    Sasha Falkowski

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