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I bought tickets a few weeks ago for Beer 101 as a surprise gift for my boyfriend for his birthday. However, his mother just called yesterday, having decided to have him fly home that week instead. I didn’t see any premium upgrade option available when I checked out (I had read FAQs before purchasing, so I had kept a look out, and I have a screenshot of the checkout in case you’d like to see) but I decided to go ahead and buy the tickets anyway. There also was no “Whiskey & Cocktail Class” available at the time, which is what I had originally gone out looking to register for. I was hoping there was some way I could cancel the Beer 101 tickets I had purchased due to these extenuating circumstances, so I could then buy the Whiskey and Cocktail tickets instead. I was also hoping that there was a way to do this without the premium upgrade option, as I am far enough in advance that I’m sure my seats would not go to waste.

Please let me know, and I’d be happy to talk some more if you’re like more information!



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